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OUR take on 11 "Bake Styles" of Pizza... as they're made in their known areas

Neapolitan style pizza

Typical size and style most common for the "wood fired" pizza's of Italy. OUR take on the style is more crispy and less soft.

New York Style Crust

Iconic PIE CUT thin crust round pizza served everywhere in New York City. SUPER thin with a puffy crumb edge.

Thin A Crispy NEW HAVEN Style Crust

SUPER THIN with a little charr, all the way to the edge. An addictive crispy "Thin Crust" complete with that legendary New Haven Style look. As close as we can get to the APIZZA (Ah-beetz) A best seller!

Montanara Style Crust

The Montanara is a Deep Fried Pizza Crust that is making its way to the US as pizza lovers discover this rare delight. *Similar to Fried Dough this pizza is topped then finished in the oven for a crispy rare wild novelty pizza experience.

Old Fashion  Style pizza making

This one is inspired by one of oldest legendary pizza shops in Boston. At that shop they put toppings under the cheese! Then light splashes of red sauce on top of the cheese (for a really cool bake) It does gives this "thicker crust" an interesting crisp.

THIN Gluten Free Crust

Casa Pizzeria teamed up with an Artisan Gluten Free Crust Bakery to give up one of the finest GF thin crusts i've ever tasted. the company "Still Riding foods" supplies the crust with the highest quality available locally.

Grandma Style Crust

This "thinner" version of the Sicilian PAN pizza is common on almost every street corner of NEW YORK CITY. It's often referred to as a "Grandma Square" OUR take is topped with Mozzarella, light Red Sauce, fresh torn Basil, Olive Oil, and Parmesan

Sicilian Style Crust

*A lot like the Grandma but MUCH THICKER Topped with Premium Mozzarella cheese, lightly topped with OUR Italian Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil, Corto Olive Oil, sprinkled with good Parmigiano OUR TAKE on this mighty PAN style square common In New York City

Detriot Style Crust

Super Thick like Sicilian *DETROIT STYLE is made with lots of caramelized cheese baked (into the edges) of the pan topped with the classic two stripes of thick rich red sauce.

Chicogo Style Crust

Premium Mozzarella cheese base, topped with Italian Tomato Sauce, Basil, Olive Oil, finished with good Parmigiano OUR TAKE on the iconic Chicago Deep Dish (fork and knife pizza)

South Shore Bake Style

Whether its “Laced Edges” or “Burnt Ends” as the locals would ask for, the South Shore Bar Style PAN pizza is a big thing in the South Shore Boston area. This pizza has a huge following going back 5 maybe 6 decades. This pie (baked in a PAN) gets the edges crispy with a little charr. A Massachusetts style,A hidden gem. We just had to offer "OUR TAKE” (the newest PAN option for 2023)

Ezzo Pepperoni
Mikes Hot Honey
Casa Pizzeria One Bite Review 7.9
Dave Portnoy at Casa Pizzeria
AWARD 1st place Pizza Expo
1st Place Traditional Division Pizza Maker Award
Pizza Pasa Expo Northeast
Casa Pizzeria 325 East St Ludlow MA 01056
Pizza Expo
Best in State 2018
Best in State 2018
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AWARD 1st place Pizza Expo
New Haven Style Crust Thin AND crispy
casa pizzeria team

A Passion For The Craft.

There's nothing quite like mixing water

with amazing ingredients

to create a fresh dough from scratch.

 Shaping It, Baking It, Making Endless Creations

and Variations is a special experience.

Pizza can be plain and basic, or as complex and exotic as the maker wishes.

OUR shop is a lab for the development and exploration of iconic "Bake Styles" of pizza from legendary locations across the country. We open 4 hours a day to sell to our friends.

This is a PART TIME hobby shop for fun as always.

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New Haven Style thin and crisp
Do the fold test with slice of pizza.
1st Place Traditional Division Pizza Maker Award
Hanging out with 13 time world pizza champion Tony Gemignani and good friend John
Casa Pizzeria One Bite Review 7.9
Best in State 2018

We only use the GOOD stuff

The BEST Products

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Corto Olive Oil
Mikes Hot Honey
Grande Cheese

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Always been a Part Time CRAFT pizza shop
4-8pm for the fun of it.

Tuesday - Sunday 4pm - 8pm
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