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Typical size and style most common for the "wood fired" pizza's of Italy. OUR take on the style is more crispy and less soft.


Iconic PIE CUT thin crust round pizza served everywhere in New York City. SUPER thin with a puffy crumb edge.


new haven

SUPER THIN with a little charr, all the way to the edge. An addictive crispy "Thin Crust" complete with that legendary New Haven Style look. As close as we can get to the APIZZA (Ah-beetz) A best seller!


The Montanara is a Deep Fried Pizza Crust that is making its way to the US as pizza lovers discover this rare delight. *Similar to Fried Dough this pizza is topped then finished in the oven for a crispy rare wild novelty pizza experience.

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Casa Pizzeria teamed up with an Artisan Gluten Free Crust Bakery to give up one of the finest GF thin crusts i've ever tasted. the company "Still Riding foods" supplies the crust with the highest quality available locally.

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